8 Hacks to Making the Moving Process Easier on Everyone

8 Hacks to Making the Moving Process Easier on Everyone

Selling a house isn’t easy nowadays when buyers want what they see on Love It or List It. However, social and financial circumstances are keeping homeowners wanting to sell in a bind. They need serious hacks to help them sell their homes.

Selling The House

1. Do It Yourself

In 2020, eight percent of home sales were sold by the owner. Seventy-seven percent of these sold within two weeks. When homeowners lose up to seven percent in commissions and fees, doing it yourself or FSBO (for sale by owner) is an attractive option. It’s even more so when homeowners recognize that they’ll typically get five to five and one-half percent more on their selling price.

2. Sell to a Cash Service

There’s something to be said for real estate investors buying your house as-is for cash. There isn’t any waiting for offers, no waiting for closing, just making it happen with the real estate investor. You’ll go to closing in approximately ten days to two weeks, receive your check, and go back home to pack the moving truck.

Before Moving Day

3. Change Everything Over To The New Address

Nothing is more adventurous than searching for school and work clothes in the dark or getting a shower in cold water. Oops, you forgot to switch the utilities over from the old to the new address. About six weeks before moving day, change over your address to the new one on:

• Bank and insurance companies

• Taxes and Social Security offices

• The DMV

• Power, water, and gas companies

• Phone, cable, and Internet

• HR at your job

4. Shop For The Best Moving Company

About four to five weeks out, compare moving companies. Be sure to ask if they’re bonded and insured so you don’t eat the expense for something the moving people broke. When you decide, book the movers. Remember to call two weeks out to confirm the moving date and truck. Call again the week of the move to re-confirm the moving date and truck.

Packing Hacks

5. Use ‘Em

Use trash cans, the large outside trash bins, laundry baskets, and luggage into which to pack awkwardly-shaped or sized things like lamps. Books, CDs and DVDs pack into luggage nicely.

6. No Need For Packing Materials

You don’t have to buy bubble wrap or boxes. Boxes come free from restaurants and liquor stores, where the boxes are heavier and/or reinforced. Ask at grocery and department stores for boxes.

Use your linens and heavy winter coats to wrap things like dishes, glassware, vases, breakable glass or china accessories, as well as delicate electronics like laptops and camera equipment.

Use socks and oven mitts to pack kitchen knives. Use socks to pack loose bathroom things like makeup items, toothbrushes, liquid soaps and shampoos, and the like.

Moving Day

7. Put “Important” Boxes Into The Car

Never forget to put medicines, important papers, precious belongings, and cash or credit cards into a box to go in the car with you. Also remember to pack in the car with you the box containing clothes, book bags, briefcases, and toiletries for your first day in the new house.

8. Remember To Pack Food

Also in the car with you, pack enough food and water to get you and the family to the new house. Energy bars and sandwiches are good ideas for the ride.