Product Innovation

Product Innovation 

Jonathan Osler, an educator at the University of California Berkeley is a big believer in product innovation, after all, Osler pretty well invented and reformed his career into one a very successful one and the education system is still going through innovations, such as its live streams during Covid-19.

The Use of AI Technology

The world is constantly changing due to technology. For example, roughly 30 years ago, social media did not even exist. Today, over 57 percent of the entire world’s population uses social media.

It’s truly astounding, yet, AI technology is expected to be the primary driver of the future.

Doctors, instead of giving ordinary genetic medicines will be able to tailor medical processes to an individual’s genes, and AI technology will enable older people to stay in their homes longer by doing their grocery shopping for them, mowing their lawns, actually reaching for products on high shelves, hand people their medicine, and even assisting with hygiene such as bathing and more.

Meanwhile, firefighters of the future may use AI technology to personally analyze the best way to fight a fire and use AI technology rather than human means to explore dangerous mining experiences.

There will probably be more millionaires and even billionaires in the future with AI technology than probably any other aspect of society.

The number of potential applications with AI technology is staggering.

Non-AI innovations

While AI technology is expected to transform the world, there are some fields that AI technology will never replace.

For example, psychologists and those who understand human emotions will always be in great demand, even if they will be partially used to help program AI applications.

But as the future moves towards AI, Jonathan Osler believes that those who are particularly adept at face-to-face meetings and understanding the emotions of people and what makes them tick will also be in increased demand.

Lots of films describe a bleak future where robots run the world, but innovators in human technology will have an increasing role in product innovation.

Designers of clothes for example, will need to understand exactly what clothes people really want, and human relations people will be called upon as never before to select the right employees, not just those who have a particular skill or talent.

As companies move forward into the future, the opportunity to make mistakes is less and less an option.

Critical thinkers

Critical thinkers will always be required in business, and do not be surprised if in the future, over 70 percent of bachelor’s degrees will be in critical thinking.

Advanced countries such as the USA, Great Britain, and Germany have learned, often the hard way, that being ahead in technology is not enough. What is needed more than ever is critical thinking to stay ahead of the pack in product innovation.

In the future, those who can merge technology advances with critical thinking will be the ultimate drivers of the world economy. So strap on your seatbelt and be prepared for the future.