A Meandering Path to Health by Dr. Sas

From Pharmacy to Farm-acy

Dr. Sas is a celebrated health and life coach. She works with clients to become healthy naturally by adjusting their diet and lifestyles instead of constantly turning to medicines. She then leads them to use their rediscovered well-being to live their lives to the fullest and hopefully make an impact along the way.

Interestingly, she stumbled upon this path from the other end—she began her journey as a clinical pharmacist!

Dr. Sas obtained her degree in pharmacy from West Virginia University. She then entered the Air Force as a healthcare officer, rising through the ranks to become a Captain. Upon her separation from service, she began a new journey in her career which presented many opportunities to look at health from a different perspective.

At about this time, she pursued further studies and enrolled in the Doctor of Pharmacy school at the University of Florida where she graduated magna cum laude. While all this was happening, she was happily raising her two young boys.

With her combined expertise in pharmacy and experience in leadership positions, Dr. Sas found herself in various managerial roles in healthcare facilities. She gained experience being almost everything, from a director, assistant director, manager, and consultant of several pharmacies and hospitals to the spa owner and the proprietor of a weight loss and nutrition center.

From the outside, Dr. Sas seemed to be thriving in her career, but deep down inside, she wasn’t satisfied. As patients streamed in and out of her clinics, Dr. Sas couldn’t shake off the feeling that she wasn’t helping them fully—all she was doing was putting bandaids on their problems.

And that wasn’t enough. Not close.

So began Dr. Sas’s true journey to health, which led her to get integrative nutrition and coaching education from the New York-based Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She got certified as a Reiki (energy healing) practitioner and she also invested hours and hours in the field of personal growth and development, learning about the power of the mind and how your perspective can affect everything.

Eventually, Dr. Sas steers her practice away from pharmacy and more towards “farm-acy.”

The Farm-acy Approach

She encourages her clients to eat nutritious food—the fresher, the better. While, at the time of this publication, she herself is practicing a clean keto diet,  Dr. Sas works with each individual to develop personalized diet plans that fit their needs and lifestyle.

Like farmers, she encourages her clients to wake early with the sun to set their circadian rhythms to their intended state. Again like farmers, she teaches her clients the importance of spending time outside, in nature, in the sun, soaking up all the vitamins they have to offer, and preferably moving while they are at it, such as walking.

And finally, like farmers, she encourages her clients to cultivate life—in themselves and others around them. When they eat well, move their bodies, spend time outside, and think positively, they cannot help but thrive, see all the possibilities around them, and inspire others to do the same.

It sounds rather radical compared to our current lifestyles, trapped indoors, primarily sedentary, eating processed food, and engrossed in our problems. But the truth is, this is our natural state—how we were when we were children. We simply forgot as we got older.

So while Dr. Sas appears to be teaching her clients a new way to live, it is more accurate to refer to it as reminding us of the “old way” to live. It’s about returning to our natural state where we spend time with nature and aren’t frantically running from one appointment to the next.

It is very rare for nature to move in a straight line. Typically, things grow in an organic, unpredictable fashion, naturally twisting towards paths that provide more opportunities for growth and nutrients.

Dr. Sas’s journey in the healthcare field followed the same route. Though she started in the controlled world of pharmaceutical drugs, she eventually broke free of it to discover nature’s more potent power of healing and giving life. Like roots breaking through concrete, Dr. Sas broke through the modern lifestyle to promote a more natural way to live, and she works very hard to help her clients do the same.