Alexa Comes to Brazil

The new month of October brings exciting news to the vibrant and technology-hungry nation of Brazil — Alexa, the amazing virtual Amazon dot com assistant that has already won over the hearts and wallets of North Americans, is now available. Three types of Alexa programs with installed software become immediately available to Brazilians — who now make up South America’s largest economy.

This move is another part of Amazon’s grand strategy to acquire a large chunk of consumer business in Brazil, as evidenced by their introduction of their Amazon Prime service just three weeks earlier. Local retailing in the South American country will find it hard to compete against Amazon’s free country-wide unlimited shipping, as well as their guaranteed forty-eight hour delivery window in well over half the country.

Echo-Show-Five and Echo-Dot, two of the most popular Alexa programs, will be offered at a heavy discount to Brazilian consumers who pre-order the devices. For those preferring the brick and mortar experience in Brazil, the national chain Fast Shop will also have pre-order discounts available, starting next week. The Alexa program called Amazon Eco is not available for pre-order discounts at this time in Brazil, but will become available for all consumers in that nation at the beginning of November.