Apple Ups Production of iPhone 11.

In a surprise move that has left suppliers scurrying for tighter inventory control and shipping efficiency, Apple recently requested its suppliers to boost production of the iPhone 11 in all its models — the company has set a goal of an additional eight million more units this year. That adds up to around a ten percent increase. Tech media announced this aggressive marketing decision at the end of the week, speculating that Apple has decided to focus on mid-level and low-level iPhones as its best bet for strong sales in an otherwise sagging Asian market. This kind of order placement by Apple has not been seen before, and speculation is rife that the company intends to flood the market with basic app iPhones instead of concentrating on the higher quality, more expensive, models that have been its bread and butter in the past.   

The iPhone 11 is the least expensive model on sale by Apple, and merchandising experts say that the order increase is expected to offset projected losses in the sale of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which lists at just over a thousand dollars (one million Indian rupees), and has shown lackluster sales during the past six months. Major merchant associations in India have voiced concern that the influx of cheaper iPhones will cut their profit margins dramatically.