Are The Hamptons Overpopulated?

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With everyone moving out of cities, especially New York, there has been an influx of people in the Hamptons. Mansion owners like Helen Lee Schifter, have decided to stay in the Hamptons after the summer months conclude. With COVID-19 still spreading throughout the country, many penthouse owners are afraid to return back to the crowded city.

Although it may seem like the Hamptons are thriving, they may become dangerous. If more and more people move to the east, businesses might be overwhelmed. Interviews have concluded that most restaurant owners weren’t expecting people to stay past September so they have to hire more staff for the winter months.Most celebrities and socialites have their large homes to reside in so they aren’t what is overpopulating the Hamptons. Travelers, visitors, and native New Yorkers are buying property and staying there full times. Helen Lee Schifter believes that the Hamptons will soon be overcrowded if properties keep being sold.