Is Journalism Eco-Friendly?

Back in the day, journalism wasn’t as eco-friendly as it is today. With carbon emissions skyrocketing, newspaper companies and outlets need to find a way to help with climate change. Journalists like Ken Kurson have done a lot for the writing community by urging them to be more eco-friendly. 

Going paperless in an industry that highly replies to revenue from newspapers isn’t easy. However, with the internist being so vast and dimensional there are plenty of other ways to make money. The publisher can easily make people pay a subscription to see their content. That way, the consumer gets their “newspaper” every morning and is still supporting the business.Advertisers also make newspapers what they are. By inserting them online, new ads that are more lined up with a consumer, there might be better purchases. It’s difficult to grasp a world without newspapers, but for people like Ken Kurson, climate change is no joke and needs to be fixed.