Are the Meteorologists Concerned About Climate Change?

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The media and broadcasting industry is very influential. It is their job to produce content that is relevant and release breaking news stories as fast as possible. The meteorologist is usually forgotten about and they have very important things to say. For example, Ken Kurson, who studied journalism, believes that meteorologists should have segments on climate change.

If meteorologists were to discuss climate change more often on air, maybe there would be a greater influx of people that start recycling and start being more ethical to the world. If they have thirty seconds snippets of effects climate change will have on the weather and planets as a whole, there will be much more influence on Americans to change their habits. Climate change is a very monumental issue and shouldn’t be avoided by meteorologists. The media has such a great effect on everyone and their daily lives. Ken Kurson believes that by doing these segments in-between weather reports, meteorologists could be the next step to overcoming climate change.