Does the Media Control What We Eat?

Think about the last YouTube video or show you watched? Was there any food in it? What about the commercials when you’re watching your favorite sports team play? The media is trying to get you to buy those food items. Ken Kurson, a mass media expert, thinks that the media is just getting more controlling. Advertisements and sponsorships make it hard for people to break away from buying food just to buy.

The point of advertising is obviously to get the consumer to purchase an item. People seem to forget that the food industry is one of the biggest markets in the world. By the media advertising something that is a basic human need, it makes it seem more luxurious and that’s why people make purchases. There is more of a chance that someone will go buy a food product if they were influenced to do it. Overall, the media does its best to control what people eat. However, it can never get to that point because thankfully, people eventually turn off their TVs. For those struggling with making too many food purchases from advertisers, keeping a tall glass of water close by is helpful and then drink it instead of putting an order on amazon for a 36 snack pack. Ken Kurson agrees that the media’s influence has gotten out of control.