Bajpayee to Star in New Amazon Prime Series

Bollywood superstar Manoj Bajpayee has at last been featured in an original video series from Amazon Prime. It is called The Family Man, and began streaming this month world-wide. Bajpayee plays a government agent tasked with hunting down criminals and terrorists amid the turmoil and glamor of metropolitan India. Not wishing to put his wife and children in danger or cause them to worry overmuch, he hides his true vocation from them. His spouse is played by Priyamani, who recently won several Star of India awards at the New Delhi Cinema Center. The show is produced and directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D. K. — who are also co-writing the series.

The writers say the show is heavily influenced by current events throughout the Indian subcontinent, such as the sinister recruitment of young men into Islamic terrorist cells throughout southern India, and the current tensions in Kashmir. There is also a love triangle going on between Bajpayee and one of his female staffers, but the writers assure Indian moralists that it remains strictly platonic and never exceeds the bounds of Hindu morality. 

It should be noted that with the edition of this entertaining new show, Amazon Prime is now one of the biggest players in the lucrative Indian live streaming video shows industry.