Huawei’s New Phone Launch

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei will be launching their latest smartphone line in the premier Mate series this month. The two versions are being called Mate Thirty and Mate Thirty Pro. The updated tech and apps for these two phones is not a well kept secret in the world of smartphone technology. Information has been leaking out about the capabilities of the two phones for half a year, and marketing experts are still debating whether this was just carelessness on the part of Huawei or a brilliant marketing ploy to build interest prior to the debut. Either way, the leaked intel suggests the new phones will be among the top cash cows for Huawei into next year. At the official launch it’s expected that one of the major innovations to be highlighted will be an amazing battery capacity that can keep phones up and running for about twice the current average time. It’s also being said that the new battery technology will allow the phones to charge up completely in less than 30 minutes.

A video teaser on Weibo indicates the phones’ price range will be well within expected parameters, and may even be a little lower than was initially expected.