Become A Millionaire Within 9 Months: True Testimony By Leo Olsen The Media Millennial Champion

Social media is an important area to focus on your marketing strategies. It is everywhere, and it provides a platform for you to communicate with your customers beyond social and local boundaries. The platforms are unique and have now become a significant source of information and news. Therefore, it is worth investing in social media to profit your business, but it depends on your customers.

Statistics show that 45% of today’s population around the world uses social media. That percentage equates to about 3.5 billion users worldwide. Besides, Facebook is the market leader since it has 2.32 billion active users every month. In the US, there are 68% of adults who use Facebook. Also, Emarketer shows that millennials are the highest social media users, with 90.4%, while Generation X has 77.5% users. Moreover, 73% of marketers find social media useful for them to interact with their targeted audience.

Leo Olsen At A Glance

Leo Olsen Guillot is a consultant and the founder of Olsen Media company. He sells social media services, marketing services and offers consultation for companies. Besides, he has a Pickup and Delivery Laundry business. Leo is a millennial who started a social media agency at nineteen years old and made his first million at twenty years in 2017 with the same company. Here he focused on retainers, managing fields like ads, and building sales funnel.

Besides, Leo did a course to help business projects, selling it for a low price. He also helped small entrepreneurs who wanted to scale their businesses. Moreover, Leo focused on another segment of the market as well, helping small businesses and companies that could not afford 3-4k per month. Furthermore, he had a range of different things, and many people bought his services, thus helping him make his first million.

How You Can Become A Millionaire In The Media Industry

Many entrepreneurs long to become millionaires. For you to achieve that desire of becoming a millionaire, you need to change your mindset. Leo Olsen is an expert in the media field who made his first million within nine months of starting his company. 

The following are ways in which you can become a millionaire in the media industry;

  • Investing in what you know

You can look at the services you offer daily, research the fundamentals of the companies you are investing in and learn more about their potential. Sticking and investing in what you know is better than what you don’t know.

  • Getting paid what you are worth

What you are earning today matters a lot to dictate your future potential of when you will get to the millionaires’ circle. If you are making what you are not worth, it will take you a more extended period to be a millionaire.

  • Monitoring your net worth

It is advisable always to track your net worth often, which will help you monitor your assets and liabilities.

Pros Of Selling Social Media Services

  • Creates brand recognition 

Social media allows accessible brand building and gets to the audience more quickly. According to Leo, Social selling improves brand awareness in your company. Also, selling social media services generates a conversation about your brand. Therefore, by using social media, you can share your brand’s mission which has a significant impact on the image of your brand. Moreover, selling services builds your customers loyalty.

  • Helps in increasing your traffic

You can use social media for retargeting your audience. Retargeting is an excellent tool for marketing since you can reach out to many people through advertising. Besides, you can use retargeting ads which display your business in front of the eyes of your customers. Another way is adding calls to action which motivates the customers to purchase your product.

  • Provides marketplace insights

Many marketers use social media to gain insights into what the customers and competitors say about their businesses. Through social media listening, you can closely monitor the behaviour of your audience with your brand. Therefore you can follow their comments and use the information to develop your business, customer support as well as product management.

Leo Olsen is a true testimony of becoming a millionaire through his hard work. If you wish to know more, connect with Leo on Twitter.