How Various Industries Have Adapted During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus has changed the world of business in immense ways. There have been businesses of all sizes that have closed due to revenue being decimated by lockdown restrictions. The need for social distancing is going to stay a priority of local and state governments. The industries and companies that have adapted still have the opportunity to survive and even thrive in some circumstances. Below are a few industries that have had to adapt along with what they have done during this unprecedented time. 


Healthcare workers need to be recognized during this time as they are battling the pandemic on the front lines. There are even those that work in healthcare that cannot go home to their families after a long hard day at work. Telehealth services have erupted in popularity for a variety of reasons. Many doctors didn’t offer these in the past as virtual visits were billed differently than physical visits. The payment restrictions have since been lifted in order to stop the spread of the virus. The convenience of being able to meet with your doctor without sitting in a waiting room cannot be matched. In some cities battling traffic is a nightmare which is eliminated when taking advantage of virtual appointments.  

Legal Professionals 

The truth is that laws have changed in certain areas due to the governor’s orders. People have been arrested and reprimanded by police officers for allowing their child to play with friends in the neighborhood. Legal professionals have a great advantage over others as they can do consulting or discussing a case via video chat. Plenty of states and counties around the country have court hearings virtually. A number of law firms have used this time to optimize their websites and invest time in marketing. There have even been people released from jail for minor crimes to help stop the spread of the virus within jails and prisons. 


The service industry has been ravaged by the pandemic with a plethora of people losing their jobs. Restaurants that were in financial peril before have closed. Staples of local communities have also closed due to the dramatic drop in revenue. Restaurants are now doing far more in terms of delivery and curbside pickup. Many of these restaurants use platforms like Uber Eats while others are using their current employees as delivery drivers so they can earn income. In states where distancing rules are being lifted still require restaurants to only have a fraction of the establishment full of customers. 


The travel restrictions and closing of main attractions has had quite the impact on the lodging industry. Hotel chains have tried to mitigate their losses by offering rooms to those that need to be quarantined or those that work in healthcare. Large chains like that of Marriott have announced that they will need to let go of thousands of employees in the near future. 

Certain industries might never go back to normal due to the adaptations that they have made that will continue to be used. The Coronavirus pandemic has tested nearly everyone in a variety of ways. The businesses that survive are sure to thrive when life returns to normal.