CBG: What Are The Benefits and are There Side Effects?

When discussing cannabis, many will often highlight the psychoactive effects found in THC as well as the benefits that CBD can offer. However, there are many cannabinoids that can bring users benefits, such as CBG. 

Although the research being carried out concerning CBG is still new, there have been some studies that show the application of CBG can be beneficial in several different scenarios. One of the reasons why CBG is still in the research stage is because it is less common than other cannabinols. 

The lack of CBG has meant that those within the industry are working with strain manipulation to offer more CBG that can be used in several different ways. 

The Benefits of CBG Oil 

Like many other cannabinoids, many enjoy the benefits of CBG in oil form. Given that the addition of CBG is relatively new when compared to other cannabinoids, some may not be fully aware of what these benefits are. 

As the research is relatively new, the benefits are not as plentiful as other iterations of cannabinoids. However, there are still plenty of benefits available for those looking to improve ailments or maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

Pain Relief 

Cannabis has long been a solution for those suffering from chronic pain, but there has been research that CBG is ideal for those suffering from chronic pain

Bacterial Infections 

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus often referred to as MRSA cause staph infections. Because such infections are resistant against drugs, the treatment can be difficult. Fortunately, research has shown that CBG can potentially kill such bacteria

Depression and Anxiety 

The treatment of depression and anxiety via the use of cannabinoids is nothing new, but there can be instances where CBD is not a viable option. Fortunately, there are many instances when CBG has shown to be just as effective as CBD, if not more so in some instances. 

Appetite Loss 

There can be several reasons as to why some people experience a loss of appetite, but some condition can mean that appetite loss lasts for some time. Although the research is limited when compared to other cannabinoids, CBG has been shown to increase appetite in instances where it would normally falter. 

This means it has the potential to help those with a low appetite maintain the right diet, while also ensuring that those with serious ailments are still able to absorb the nourishment they need for recovery. 

Are There Any Side Effects to Using CBG? 

Again, as there is still research being carried out relating to CBG, the full side effects of the cannabinol are unknown. However, research carried out so far has shown that the tolerance of CBG is high, with those using it reporting no adverse side effects. 

This does not always mean that there will not be some side effects. For example, those on medication may want to seek out medical advice before committing to any type of cannabinoid.

First-time users may be concerned that the way CBG is produced can mean the final product can have psychoactive effects, but this isn’t the case. 

Finding the Best CBG Oil 

Given that CBG oil is adaptable and easy-to-absorb, those wanting to enjoy the benefits of CBG oil may be wondering where to find the best CBG oil. An online search will yield hundreds if not thousands of results, but first-time shoppers need to ensure they are investing in a reputable and reliable brand.