Changes in Media Are Healthy for the Industry

Changes that have been the product of technology in an array of different industries have been met with a series of different reactions. The old guard and titans of the respective industry have tried resisting the changes. But in reality, these changes are overwhelming and are certainly here to stay. Indeed, media analysts like Ken Kurson have been firm about their belief that these changes need to be embraced accordingly.

The changes have come in a variety of different ways. Some media properties have indeed capitalized on these changes as opportunities for advancement of certain types of journalism. Others that have resisted, have seen their link equity and digital footprint decline.

Ken Kurson has seen the ways in which technology has revamped other industries; and noticed the success that leaders of those industries have had in adapting and capitalizing on these changes. There’s no question that we are all collectively living in a new reality. In one where technology is at the forefront. Let’s be sure to accept that.