The Importance of a Writing Mentor

When writing a lot of literature or journals, it can get confusing sometimes. Losing a train of thought, having writer’s block, or even feeling unmotivated with your ideas are very plausible reasons to get a mentor. With guidance, a person can easily talk over problems they might be facing with their work and jump over hurdles together. Mentors like Ken Kurson, who have a substantial amount of experience in writing, enjoy guiding writers in a better direction.

For many people who love writing, mentorship might be in their future. The key to creating lasting relationships that mutually benefit people is by being a support system. Mentors might seem all-knowing, but in fact, they were once beginners too. Admitting that to those in need can be the first step in a terrific collaboration of ideas and literature.Mentos and advisors are usually doing work of their own in addition to work for other people. That being said it’s critical that both parties are patient and understanding of the other situation. Mentorship can be a gift to struggling writers and it’s important to people like Ken Kurson to always be a pillar for them. Reading other works is super beneficial as well and can eliminate writer’s block for many.