Cost Saving Tips for Your Next Road Trip This Summer

road trip on national park

With the cost of gas going up and with no relief in sight, you might be tempted to skip the summer road trip you have planned. Don’t despair. There are plenty of ways you can save money so you can have fun, hit the open road, and not worry so much about the cost of gas.

Book a Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance

Anytime you plan to be driving for long distances, you should get your car checked out for any potential issues as well as have the engine serviced. The United States Department of Energy says that regular tune-ups can save consumers an average of 4 percent on fuel costs.

Before a trip, get your oil changed and have other fluids and filters checked to keep your engine from working too hard. The easier your engine has to work, the less fuel it will need to run, especially during a long trip during the hottest months of the year.

Consider Choosing a More Fuel Efficient Vehicle

Families with more than one vehicle to choose from might be tempted to take the biggest, and least fuel efficient car on the road trip, but choosing a more fuel-efficient model could save you hundreds at the pump. Although it might not be quite as roomy, your wallet will thank you,

Take it Easy on the Gas Pedal

Driving the speed limit isn’t just safer, it’s also a proven way to get better fuel economy. According to reports from the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, driving at 80 miles per hour as compared to 60 miles per hour will lower your fuel efficiency by a whopping 27 percent. 

Getting into an accident while on your summer road trip is a complete nightmare. Not only is it inconvenient, but it’s also highly dangerous and costly. If you’ve already been in an accident, a Bay Area auto accident attorney can help you with your case. 

Regardless of how safe you are, accidents can still happen while you’re on vacation, but they shouldn’t be treated any differently. Document everything. This will serve as evidence in your case. You should also contact your car insurance company immediately to let them know about the accident.

Make sure you gather contact information for everyone involved, including their insurance company’s name and their driver’s license number. Your insurance company can help you find a rental vehicle and, as long as there are no injuries, get back to enjoying the rest of your vacation. 

Save on Food and Lodging

The cost of eating out and spending the night at fancy hotels can add up quickly. Packing non-perishable food items such as snack bars and nuts, along with bottles of water can save you money by helping you avoid trips to the drive-thru and convenience store stops.

When it comes to lodging, roadside motels and campgrounds are an excellent alternative to costly hotels, especially if you are just planning to sleep anyway. Take some time and create an itinerary that includes where the most money saving places are along your trip and stick to it.