Subtle Ways to Switch Up Your Look

Occasionally, people want to mix things up and try something new when it comes to their looks. However, when they get that urge, it can be easy to opt for dramatic changes such as cutting all of their hair off or changing their style. That being said, sometimes less is more, and subtle changes can be much easier to adapt to than bigger, more extreme ones.

With this in mind, the following are a few subtle ways to change up your look, which will have a significant impact on your overall aesthetic and style without being too overbearing and shocking to the system. 

Try a New Style of Makeup 

One of the most useful means of switching up your look without having to do anything permanent is experimenting with makeup. Maybe you have been too nervous to try the classic eyeliner flick but think it will look great on you, or perhaps you would like to go for a bold lip when you usually stick to nudes. 

Whatever you want to try, you have nothing to lose by playing with makeup because it’s not permanent; you don’t like it? Then simply wipe it off – easy. Just sit in front of your mirror, pull some YouTube makeup tutorials up, have some makeup wipes on hand and let your imagination go wild. You never know what new looks you might fall in love with!

Go for a Different Hair Tone 

It can be easy to want to dive straight into a new hair color, and by all means, if you are ready to take that jump, do it! But if you want to be a little more cautious and experiment with subtleties, then using toners or semipermanent colors will be a better idea. 

Toners work well when trying out a warmer or cooler undertone without changing your hair color, while semipermanent colors will allow you to achieve new colors without commitment or permanence – they wash out easily and fade away after a few weeks. 

Unless you are going for an intense change, focus on two shades lighter or two shades darker than the color your hair is now. That way, you’ll have some wiggle room if you don’t like the result. 

Keep on Top of Your Teeth 

Your teeth are one of the most important aspects of your smile, and it is sad but true that plenty of people avoid smiling due to being ashamed of their teeth. Many teeth issues can be prevented with a bit of care; for example, keeping on top of brushing and flossing will limit cavity problems and keep your gums in prime health. 

Dental hygiene will also contribute to your breath smelling fresh, which will also increase your confidence in your smile too. If there are some dental problems that are holding you back from feeling confident in your looks, you might be surprised to find that even the smallest tweaks can completely change your appearance. 

For instance, a dazzling white smile might be all it takes to get you feeling your best, in which case you should speak to a trusted dentist to discuss a tooth whitening option. In addition to essential tooth care, you will find that your local asheville family dentistry offers cosmetic dental services to help you feel more confident in your smile, such as bleaching trays or even crowns.  

Refresh Your Closet 

Your clothes are powerful and make a huge difference in how you look and feel about yourself. Thus, if you are not vibing with your current closet, it’s time to be out with the old and in with the new. It’s normal to be unsure what your style might be, but knowing what you don’t like wearing anymore is half the battle won.

To help revamp your look, start by getting rid of anything in your closet that no longer feels like ‘you’ or has ceased to be a staple piece. If you find that you are stumped as to which aesthetic category you find appealing or what style you need to be looking at, it might be a good idea to get creative. You can take a mix of different items of clothing and accessories and customize them, or you could even make your own fashion style entirely by blending different aesthetics!