Dan Dasilva’s Journey From Nearly Facing Jail Time to Helping Artists Connect With Fans and Make Money

Today more youths are losing their lives to crime due to lack of employment more than ever. The government can only do so much to create enough employment for every citizen in the country. That has led to people seeking their own way out of financial problems. We are all looking for financial freedom. The ways to get to such independence are many, but not all are legal or safe. Dan Dasilva is an e-commerce entrepreneur who learned the hard way. But that was way before he went into e-commerce. He was only an entrepreneur then, and what he sold landed the young Dasilva into a lot of trouble.

Dasilva is the CEO of Impakt, a project that is set to launch in September 2020 on Google Play and iTunes store. He was the first YouTuber to talk about drop shipping and then went on to cultivate a raving fan base of thousands of people. Dasilva is responsible for building one of the biggest eCommerce information training brands in the country, eCom Dudes. Even with all the success with e-commerce, the serial entrepreneur did not have an easy time coming up. He shared his story with us and here is how he built it all.

The First Entrepreneurial Venture

Like most young people out here, Dasilva’s future was not looking so bright. He did not come from a well to do family so he had no connections or funding to start a business. To make things worse he was a high school dropout meaning he had no certificates to get a decent white collar job. At one point he was working at Burger King but that did not last long. Dasilva knew he had to do all he could to achieve financial freedom and independence. 

The pursuit for a better life led him to get into his first business venture. Dasilva started selling marijuana. At this time he was living in his friend’s house trying to make ends meet. This business venture was however not going to last long because it was in every sense illegal. The law finally caught up with him and the then 17 year old Dasilva was sent to jail. That moment was his wake up call to take a new path in his life. His father could not watch his son suffer in jail. That led him to raise the bail money and come to his son’s rescue. That was the last time that Dasilva would find himself on the wrong side of the law ever again.

Going Into e-Commerce

Dasilva was ready to turn over a new leaf after surviving the emancipation. Shortly after that he made a decision to go online. He already knew that people were making a lot of money using the internet but wasn’t sure how or what they were doing. One night he decided to start browsing a forum and learned that selling digital information was a $300 billion dollar market. That was enough motivation for him to go into e-commerce. He did his research and learned how to launch his first product.

Dasilva started as an e-commerce entrepreneur selling fidget spinners, custom T-Shirts, and other trendy products using Shopify. Overtime he started attracting a following in hundreds and later in thousands. From that he created an email list of over 200,000 people and created a huge Facebook community. Dasilva was coming to the realization that he could help other people to achieve financial freedom through e-commerce. That is when he decided to form eCom dudes and the 100K Blueprint. Through 100K blueprint, Dasilva has created the most successful eCommerce entrepreneurs we know today. eCom Dudes on the other hand is responsible for bringing up many famous e-commerce experts you can find.

Helping Creators Get Paid

In addition to drop shipping, Dasilva has always had a passion for audience building and communication. After using platforms like Youtube he realized that there was a massive hole in the market. Creators could not connect personally to their audience and vise versa unless through video. That’s when the idea for Impakt came up. Through Impakt, creators can create paid or free groups. The free groups allow the creator to connect personally with their audience and build a close relationship while paid groups are for exclusive content only. Dasilva wants to help creators do more than just create. He wants them to get paid what they deserve for their work. Dasilva’s vision is to help creators in the long term to connect to their audience while getting compensated, but nobody said it would be easy.

“This will be harder than any other project I’ve ever embarked on but this will be the most rewarding and help so many creators who are struggling,” Dan Dasilva.