Many Causes of Wrongful Arrest That Could Result in Compensation

As we all know,
the police are the people that carry out arrests when a person breaks the law,
and even the police make mistakes, which sometimes lead to a wrongful arrest.
In certain situations, it is possible for the person who is wrongfully arrested
to make a compensation claim to the police, and here are a few of the
circumstances in which this might occur.

  • If you are acquitted of an offence that was
    not properly investigated before your arrest. Aside from this being a waste of
    everyone’s time, you could claim compensation for wrongful arrest.
  • If you are asked to attend the police
    station, then when you arrive, you are arrested. This can be grounds for
    wrongful arrest and should this ever happen to you, talk to a criminal lawyer
    as soon as possible to verify whether or not you have grounds for claiming
  • In the event you feel that excessive force
    was used when you were arrested, you could have a claim for compensation,
    particularly so if you received injuries sustained from that arrest.
  • If you are arrested, even though the police
    did not obtain an arrest warrant, this could also be grounds for a compensation
    claim, as the police must follow strict protocol when arresting people.
  • In the event that you are arrested, even
    though the police know who you are and where you live, which means they could
    have served you with a court attendance notice instead. This happens
    occasionally, and technically, it can be classed as a wrongful arrest, if the circumstances are favourable.
  • If you are charged and arrested without
    being given any bail conditions. Again, strict protocol must be followed and if
    you were not given any bail conditions, this could be seen as a wrongful
  • If you are arrested solely for the purpose
    of being interviewed or identified, this could be grounds for wrongful arrest,
    and if this happens to you, talk to an experienced claims lawyer and see
    whether or not you can make a claim against the police for wrongful arrest.
  • If you are arrested for the possession of a
    small amount of prohibited drugs, you might have cause to claim wrongful arrest
    and you can talk to a lawyer who can establish the facts.

You may also be
able to claim compensation for wrongful arrest if you were arrested and
acquitted of charges relating to:

  • Resisting
  • Police
  • Assaulting
    the police for acting outside of the jurisdiction.

If, for example, you
were held in custody after arrest and you were later acquitted of all charges,
it might be possible to claim compensation for time spent in confinement.

While the police
do have a tough job to do, they still have to comply with the many regulations
regarding the arrest of suspects, and there are times when they do not follow
the correct procedure and this can result in a person claiming compensation for
wrongful arrest.