Divorces Can Be Ugly With Children Involved: What to Watch Out For

The unfortunate truth is that divorce is a reality for a number of married couples. Divorce rarely brings out the best in people as everyone wants to “win” the divorce. The revenge factor comes in for both parties involved regardless of who initiated the divorce. Amicable divorces are possible but this usually isn’t the case when there are children involved. There is usually a huge dispute over child support or who receives primary guardianship of the children. Some people will do nearly anything to keep their children or keep the children away from their ex. The following are things you need to watch out for when divorcing with children involved. 

You Need a Lawyer…..No Matter What 

You might think that you are in store for an amicable divorce with custody agreements being made personally. Hiring an attorney is essential as you do not want to show up to court without one. Your spouse could show up with an incredibly experienced attorney. You do not want to lose custody of your children just because you didn’t hire legal counsel. You need to get any agreements on video as this is important. You cannot get something signed without a legal notary and have it be enforced in most courts. 

Financial Manipulation

There is a chance that your soon to be ex drains the bank accounts that you share. You need to start putting money aside into your own account when you know you will file for divorce. You want to be seen as capable of financially supporting the children. Most judges will see the accounts drained leading up to the divorce and could judge in your favor due to this. The last bit of power some exes have is that of financial manipulation which you should not fall victim to. 

False Accusations of Abuse 

The worst-case scenario is being accused of abuse to your spouse or children. You could even be accused of sex crimes so make sure you consult with a criminal defense attorney if this is to happen. You never think that someone you once loved will do this to you but it happens more often than you think. 

The Children Being Coached to Say Things 

Your children could be coached by one or both parents during a divorce. This could be to say that a child wants to go with one parent as they are being bribed. The children should not be any more involved with a divorce than they have to be. Younger children usually do not have a say where they will be placed like that of teenagers. Remember that your children are not at fault as they are just trying to do what one parent is telling them to do. 

Divorce with children can be immensely hurtful to all involved. Try to keep the divorce as peaceful as possible without giving in on certain points. If the divorce gets ugly, try to shield your children from it to the best of your ability.