Do Pets Make the Quarantine Life Better?

The early months appeared that they may hold promise for a good year, yet, COVID-19 had other plans. Shutting many countries down and restricting many people from leaving their homes. Countless people like Shalom Lamm, quarantined in their homes left to endure for almost the whole year!

Many people during the COVID quarantine took the chance to adopt shelter animals. In these unexplored times, people took the chance to build lifelong loyalty. By bearing a new pet at home, it accommodated many people, bringing comfort and aid. A pet is a great remedy to facing the moments of human division that people are going through with COVID-19. There are so several advantages to having a pet. Lamm believes pets bring people more joy.

Shalom Lamm believes that those who endured the longest quarantine remarked that having a pet at home helped with the lack of socialization, finding things to do, structure and balance. People found that pets were great replacements for needing to talk to other people. It additionally supported people who stayed reserved on social media platforms earlier, to open up and even become social media stars! With such delightful pets as TurboRoo, a small front-legless pup who has earned a loving 1.7 million fans on Tiktok. Or Smoothie the Cat, who is the world’s most photogenic cat and who has remarkable support of 287,000 fans on Tiktok. We too cannot forget little Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund, the charming little pup who has 793,000 fans on TikTok. Amusingly enough, Tiktok found a great many of its new users between May and October of 2020, to be that of pets.

Yet, it is with a large desire that humankind takes this time to see how much it has helped many animals who before this pandemic were facing certain death in kill shelters. This is a lesson learned for all, that even in the darkest of times there needs to be someone or something there to assist through it. With that, there are many places to find pets who need homes, recommended places to look are: The local Human Society, Facebook Rehoming Groups, as well as local newspapers. Furthermore, if people aren’t ready to bring a new family member in yet, posting photos of pups and kitties who are available for adoption, and donating old blankets, food, and toys helps those who are in animal shelters, till they can get adopted in the meantime.