History of the First Amendment

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The 1st Amendment gives people many rights. They have the right to free speech, peaceful protest, and it sets the tone for the rest of the Bill of Rights. Andrew Napolitano feels that this is very important for the United States. Napolitano feels that the first Amendment shapes the way the United States operates and the way that people are able to have their freedoms.

In 1798 some important politicians including Alexander Hamilton gathered and decided to add some new features to the Constitution. While it was opposed to changing the original Constitution it was agreed upon to give people the Bill of Rights to talk about their basic freedoms.

The Bill of Rights was made up of Amendments. The first amendment gives a person the freedom of speech. This means they can express themselves without having to worry about getting into trouble and being silenced by the government. In modern times things that may be obscene are still protected under this amendment. A person cannot make threats or say they are going to harm others but they can give opinions about things. They can even give a negative opinion of the government as long as they are not threatening anyone.

This amendment will give freedom of the press. A person can express themselves in publication even if they do not like something. The documents cannot be false to fall under this protection.

Freedom of religion is a big thing that is found under the first amendment. A person can practice the religion of their choosing and there is no state religion. The government cannot favor one religion over the next. This will help keep church and state separate.

If a person does not like something the first amendment gives them the right to protest. The protest has to be peaceful but it will allow groups to gather and show that they do not support this decision. A person can even protest the government as long as they do so peacefully.

The First Amendment shows that a person does not have to agree with everything that the government is doing and they can make a change. They can protest it and others that feel the same way can join them. A person can practice the religion of their choice and they are protected. A person can also have and express their own ideas. Even if they are not popular they are still protected under this right. This allows people to know that they do not have to follow others.

These are some of the rights that a person can count on due to the first amendment. With this amendment, a person is able to practice the religion of their choice and voice their thoughts and opinions. This will allow a person to have basic freedoms. Andrew Napolitano thinks that this has set the way for the remaining amendments that will allow a person to live their life as they choose and enjoy some basic freedoms.