Effects of Cyberbullying

couple having problems

Cyberbullying has been an issue for over a decade. Since the start of the technological takeover, many people have found ways to be negative and harmful online. There are websites that bash the way people look, creators who use their platform to make others feel negative about themselves, and so much more. Journalists like Ken Kurson know first hand the effects cyberbullying can have on people. 

When someone is attacked online, it is a lot harder to get away from it. Yes, typical bullying is by no sense any less bad, it just has a physical separation for the person when they are not together. Now, many bullies use their online platform to enhance the negative emotions they feel towards other indices. It is so much more convenient for bullies to bring someone down by directly attacking them online.It’s very sickening to see people getting attacked for their personalities and how they choose to dress. There shouldn’t be such permission for cyberbullying or there should be higher control regulations on the subject. Many are fearful that their children will get cyberbullied and have negative feelings about themselves. Bullying hurts deeply and can cause depression, Ken Kurson hopes that his children will never have to experience such hardships, as many other parents hope the same.