Real Estate Apps, Are They Effective?

Are real estate apps any good when it comes to buying and selling homes? With technology penetrating every industry, real estate has not been left out. Managing properties is not as simple as most people think. There are several bureaucratic procedures and paperwork. However, most of the workload is reducing with the introduction of real estate apps.

There are several benefits that customers and realtors can gain. The IT sector is looking to digitize real estate with apps. This is something Shalom Lamm strongly believes in when it comes to finding new homes. Lamm believes apps in the real estate industry can help people seeking homes to find them faster and with ease. He finds these apps to be efficient in the real estate industry bringing realtors and customers on the same platform.

So are real estate apps effective? The answer is yes. The apps come with several benefits and are a must-have for persons searching for new homes.

They Improve Customer Experience

Buying a home is a huge decision and one that will cost you a fortune. This might be the biggest purchase to make in your lifetime. You need to research and visit several homes before deciding to buy. This can be a time-consuming process that most prospective buyers might not afford. In addition, buyers need up-to-date information on any house they would want to buy. The entire buying process is made easier with these apps. Most apps on the market have information on most houses for sale.

The apps improve the buying experience by getting you all the information you need on your phone. You can save precious time by checking out every single home for sale in person.

Mobile Apps Leverage Data on the Real Estate

Most homebuyers demand online listings with detailed information about the property they would want to buy. This information includes the year of construction, on-site parking, etc. The information can easily be found on these apps.

Buyers also require clear photos of the property that shows every angle. Real estate apps provide a virtual360-degree tour of potential homes to buy. Shalom Lamm also believes that customers will also get to know nearby facilities and other relevant information about the neighborhood.

Easy Narrowing Down of Suitable Homes

For homeowners finding a home that matches your dreams and falls within your budget range is extremely difficult. Most dream homes are probably outside your budget range. You need to visit several homes on sale to find a match. However, this process is made easier with real estate apps.

You can use the search function on most of these apps to find a suitable home. This is possible by searching for homes falling within your budget range. You can then narrow down your choices by searching specific features that the home must-have. This gives you choices of homes that meet your expectations and fall within your budget range.


Real estate apps are slowly gaining popularity as people realize home buying is a lot easier when you have the right information on your phone. You can search and view homes on the go when using real estate apps.