Entrepreneur Traits

We all desire to be our bosses, walk in and out of work as we desire, earn a lot, and have a successful business that will guarantee a brighter future. This business success is achieved because of good entrepreneurial traits. In this article, we will look at the various entrepreneurial traits by Shalom Lamm and discuss them in detail to help you be your boss.


This is a very crucial factor as an entrepreneur. Being passionate about something will always instill a different level of energy in the entrepreneur. This trait will enable the entrepreneur to work harder without over-straining because they love what they do. Entrepreneurs with this skill will work for more extended periods to enable their businesses to flourish and beat competitors’ success. The results of their labor are not all about money but the satisfaction of achieving what they love.


Vision is having a clear picture; of the goals the business should achieve, the steps leading to the achievement of these set goals, and knowing the type of people who will help you achieve these goals. Entrepreneurs should use their vision to set their businesses’ goals by writing down where they want their businesses to be after a certain period. An entrepreneur should also highlight the steps involved; if it is making a partnership with other companies, they should write down the procedure on how to initiate the partnership. An entrepreneur should also identify a team of people who will help in attaining the set goals.


Entrepreneurs are naturally dedicated to achieving what they want. They do not need external forces like managers to supervise them to achieve what they want. Instead, their drive for work comes from within their body, leading to others being inspired to work hard.


Confidence is what makes major business people stand back even when faced with a lot of challenges. Shalom Lamm believes confidence is the key to be an entrepreneur. Therefore, entrepreneurs should believe in themselves, believe in the ideas they are about to implement, and in case of challenges, they should have confidence they will overcome them.


Setting up a business and making it successful is not something that is achieved quickly. It takes a lot of time and patience to attain success due to the many steps involved in the process. These procedures and steps will therefore lengthen the duration between starting the business and attaining success. Entrepreneurs should therefore be patient and envision a future of success.


Big businesses were all started because of a unique idea from the founder. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be creative in their ideas; they should be able to spot business opportunities where others can’t see. They should make their idea creative enough to thrive in a competitive environment. They should also be creative to have ideas that have a backup in case of challenges. All this will enable their business to attain success easily. I hope you enjoyed reading the article and found the information helpful.