What Your Home Aesthetic Says About You

Helen Lee Schifter is known for her fashion sense. She has found her way in front of many cameras and into the hearts of many people. Schifter is known for her Zen aesthetics not just in her fashion sense but also her Zen home decorating style. A person’s personality can affect the way they decorate their home. 

There are different types of homes aesthetics. The way we were raised and our experiences that we have been involved in can affect how we design our homes. Some popular design aesthetics Are mid-century modern which is derived from the mid-1900s modern designs. This includes unique colors such as turquoise and pastel pinks and blues and seafoam greens. Then we have the nautical style which includes warm and relaxing positive vibes that include warm tone blues and greens with white washed wood. Some people love the farmhouse look which sometimes can be confused with shabby chic. There are different types of farm house design. We have the French farmhouse which is huge right now. There is the rustic farmhouse which uses moreNatural wood color. Then we have the modern farmhouse This design implements cleaner lines but it is still warm and inviting. 

There is the industrial farmhouse and the traditional farmhouse design aesthetic. Which one of these are best? The thing about home design is that there are no rules. Just like art beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A person can choose to mix and match different aesthetics which is known as eclectic. Some people travel and bring back beautiful pieces of history and art from different countries. These pieces are included in their home design. The eclectic style can reflect a person’s personality more than other styles. Unlike other styles, which follow strict rules and guidelines, eclectic styles are more innovative andFree spirited. Eclectic design has been around for a very long time. This type of style barrels from other styles to create a cohesive look that reflects the personality of the designer. Some may choose to use neutral background colors and neutral furniture while adding a pop of color with accessories and unique art pieces. Using natural background colors can help the unique accessories and art pieces stand out to the eye. Some people like to use handmade items. Some of these handmade items have sentimental value to the designer which adds to the warm home feeling of the room. Some shoes to paint the walls white and half white wash wood floors. 

To make these rooms look more special and a very colorful full of design area rug that is unique to the home owner’s personality. Helen Lee Schifter also recommends adding pillows with crazy designs. Not all pillows are square some are cubed some are triangular shaped some are rectangle. Go ahead, test out which one is more desirable to the space. Whatever style is chosen can affect a person’s mood when they enter the room. Choose what works best for the homeowner.