Fall Activities to Do With Your Kids

As the leaves change into magnificent reds, oranges, and yellows, the days start to seem shorter, and kids need to find activities to keep themselves busy. Rachel Harow, an awesome mom, loves to maintain her children’s happiness and health with a few fall activities every year. The first event they go to is apple picking. This is a great way to bond as a family and have an excuse to dress everyone up in matching outfits.

Pumpkin picking is another outside activity that is great for kids. Getting them outdoors while they still can enjoy the brisk weather is an advantage to anyone. With the pandemic being a recurring issue, one never knows how much time outside will be valued. That’s why it’s important to get kids playing outside when they can, as long as it’s safe.Baking or cooking together is another great fall treat. Children love interactive events so by giving them responsibilities like mixing the batter or decorating a cake with autumnal sprinkles, they will have a blast. Rachel Harow keeps her kitchen stocked with seasonal ingredients so that her family can bond over baking.