Should Children Have Phones Before High School?

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The debate about permitting younger children to have phones before high school has been going on for years. Communities have PTA Presidents, like Rachel Harow, involved in finding a common solution. Children are beginning to rely more and more on technology for school which can lead to negative consequences. 

If a child has a phone that has accessibility to the internet, it can make it much easier for them to rely on that for school work. Instead of practicing how to do a math equation, they can just look it up online. That’s not helpful for their education and can be damaging in the long run. However, there are those who enhance the idea of having children use phones as soon as they can.Safety is always the number one priority for any guardian or parent. The best way to initiate that is by providing a child with a phone so they can call in case of an emergency. Rachel Harow also believes that equipping a child with a phone is important for unknown situations. That being said, the debate is truly relative to the parent. No one can truly decide what is right or wrong for children if they are not theirs.