Freelancing vs Working in an Office

The statistics suggest that approximately 70% of the population now does home-office. This change to the way we work has made the debate on freelance vs. office jobs even more of an issue of contention. The arguments vary, and it seems a long and tedious discussion occurs every time the issue is mentioned.

The reason why the debate continues is that there is no right or wrong answer. Each person is different, and everyone likes different things. This issue means each job type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. After all the hoopla dies down, we come to this real fact. Deciding on whether to freelance or to work in an office is simply a matter of opinion.

According to Diego Ruiz Duran, a prominent Mexican Lawyer, the work’s quality is not affected. Both office workers and freelancers develop and deliver the same quality.

Yes, some studies suggest that there are better work relationships forged for people who work directly with a manager in the office. Still, managers have had very few problems when working with freelancers as well. The difference is only this: Some people prefer to work independently, and freelance and others prefer to work in an office with other people.

Why Is Freelancing a Great Way to Work?

The first thing that most people believe of freelancers is that they have the freedom to organize and work when they want. However, the truth may be a little different than what most people think. Freelancing does allow workers to manage their time and their family better. However, freelancers often put in more hours than the average office worker. Freelancers must meet deadlines, communicate with customers and juggle a variety of different projects.

Attorney Diego Ruiz Duran says that the misconception leads to a reality check for new freelancers. Often freelancers do not choose the lifestyle because of the number of hours worked but because of the variety of work and the ability to learn and develop new skills.

Why is Working in The Office The Best Way to Work?

Working in an office gives workers a dedicated space to work. There is no interference from family or home obligations. An office job allows employees to concentrate on their work. Another employment benefit is the fact that employees have stability. In a job, an employee receives health insurance, benefits, bonuses, and paid vacation time. These are aspects that are not available to freelancers. A freelancer owns his business, so he is responsible for all of the administrative details, the insurance, and the work location.

It Is a Matter of Preference

As a prominent attorney, Duran has worked with both freelancers and in-office workers. He reiterated that the quality of the work is similar. However, it is the well-being of the worker at stake here. Some people prefer the flexibility of working their chosen hours, and others prefer the stability and structure of working in an office. So the difference is only a matter of what works for the employee.