Future Shock: Emerging Trends in the Area of Information Technology


Did you know that a fire detection system in smart cities can warn the relevant authorities in a matter of seconds? It is not even needed for a citizen to call the rescue services with such systems in place. It is bound to save precious lives and be the voice of the vulnerable and weak. But how does this system work? Well, it relies on a string of interconnected devices that coordinate together in many ways. The system exists to improve businesses, communications, healthcare, and many other areas of life too. And this is how smart cities operate.

The exciting part is it is just the tip of the iceberg as far as technology is concerned. The smart use of data that citizens generate allows for a transformation in their lives. Here, Big Data and data science come into play to offer the world something better and superlative. The pace of this development is rapid as the tech keeps on improving. The advancements are helping us towards better ways of living. But as growth comes, so do challenges.

One of the biggest challenges with such a pace of tech advancement is safety and security. That is why we see an upward trend concerning the employment of security experts. Entities and organizations around the globe employ people to protect data. The experts defend their networks against breaches and hacking attempts. An information security manager performs the functions regularly and daily. And so, their role is much sought-after everywhere. 

The logical question would be about what is the information security manager salary? And it does merit an answer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they get hefty pay as their median salary is more than $99,000 per annum. The compensation allows them to focus on their work and deliver excellent security for the organization. Similar to the hiring of security experts, we can see many other trends dominating information technology. And it merits looking at them more closely, so let’s do it.

  1. Block-chain Technology

Block-chain is at the top spot here because it is also pleased with data. Today, tech is reliant on data for all sorts of analysis. The tech is not new, but it is still continuously growing and expanding in more modern ways. Based on the concept of blocks, it ensures complete resistance to any attempts to alter data. Unless every blockchain allows, one cannot change the data containing a particular set of information.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of things (IoT) is another rising concept in the IT sector because it has a lot to offer to the world. All smart cities are operating successfully around the globe. IoT works around the concept of interconnected devices that function together to deliver a result. They utilize many sorts of sensors or computer software. It ultimately creates a web of the tools to exchange and use data.

  1. Cyber-security Trend

The tech is advancing at a breakneck pace, almost unimaginable at times. But as it is growing, so are the hackers. Those who indulge in fraudulent means continue to ‘improve’ as well as attempt data breaches. Due to this, we can see an elevated trend in IT concerning cyber-security. The requirements of security have increased manifold following the rise of cloud computing.

While realizing this, businesses have been taking measures such as hiring the security managers to rule out data breaches. In the coming times, the threat is likely to grow further, needing stringent safety measures.

  1. Drone Technology

The world couldn’t perceive such a superlative way of photography and video-making before drone tech came to the fore. But now, it’s a reality. With this tech, the world is using advanced options. We can see it evident in public safety, construction sites, and the industries, to name a few. The military drones are altogether a different story, other than the drone cams.

The drone tech is also on the rise because it is related to the commoners and tech aspirants. They have the device’s control in their hands with all the latest gadgets and sensors, offering the most satisfactory experience.

  1. VR and the AR

Do you remember Pokemon Go? Well, then you know the meaning of augmented reality. And it is only a sample of what the world might see in the days to come. The augmented reality set to go a long way forward as far as the tech is concerned. Likewise, virtual reality is likely to experience tremendous uplift. It’s already assisting medical practitioners, such as surgeons, to maintain precision. VR is also used to educate medical students and dwellers in a neighborhood.

  1. 3D Printing

There has been a lot of talk regarding 3D printing in many areas, but it is mainly beneficial for work. A business that’s mindful of the importance can make it advantageous long-term. It can fulfill a client’s need for customization by adhering to accuracy and exactness. It gives organizations many ways to please the clients and come up to their expectations. In simpler words, 3D is the personalizing of a product. And it all comes while offering a saving on the cost, making it a top choice.

  1. 5G Tech

5G is a logical entry into tech’s top trends, as it is bound to go further. Understandably, it offers the clients a more significant and higher speed and better opportunities. Whether it is the individuals or businesses, it has a broad scope in networking and connectivity. And it’ll take the world to a whole new level in terms of communication and link-building.

Final Word

Information Technology has been offering the world in advanced ways, and it also provides a glimpse into the future. The penetration of tech is evident in everything we do today. From the computers to gym gadgets and business uplift to digitization, it is highly prevalent. Any individual or business wanting to grow in their niche must identify the best use of tech. And they must be skilled in using the latest tech to stand the competition and stay ahead. The first step to it is to remain knowledgeable of all the latest trends, as discussed above.