Google Contemplates Acquiring Firework

According to mainstream newspaper reports in the United States this weekend, the monolithic Google corporation is considering a purchase of the USA-based app Firework, a social video programs that will let users send and receive brief videos in the same manner that has made China’s TikTok such an up-and-coming financial wonder. They are not the only ones who have shown an interest in acquiring Firework. Micro-blogger Weibo in China has also made tentative inquires into the availability of Firework, according to newspapers in the United States. But at the present time, according to inside sources, negotiations with Google are looking more promising.

The issue of copyright infringement and technology piracy and/or imitation is the only question keeping Google from making a firm offer, according to finance experts in both China and the United States. In recent years Google and other Silicon Valley giants have been plagued by smaller companies in court, claiming that the giants have been siphoning off patented technology instead of purchasing the rights to it as mandated by international law. This is not seen as a big problem in China, which is well known for its brand knockoffs; but in North America there are hundreds of law firms eager to get their hands on such copyright infringement cases to press at home and abroad.