The RealReal Stuns Customers with Fine Louis Vuitton

There’s a lot to love about the autumn season, but clothes will always be near the top of the list. From Fashion Week to sites like The RealReal, the couture authorities are welcoming a wave of vibrant trends. This autumn, boudoir luxury mingles with tough workwear and splashes of dazzling organic color. Follow these hot trends into the colder months.

Suit season

Think of the boiler suit as fall’s answer to the romper. The one-piece full coverage garment was originally developed for men who worked on steam locomotives. Today, it’s a streetwear staple with more tomboy cool than the jumpsuit you wear to brunch. The boiler suit’s utilitarian vibe is accentuated by comfy fabrics like relaxed denim and khaki. 

There are many ways to add flair to the monochromatic suit. Create some feminine allure with statement earrings, kitten heels and a trendy miniature purse. Or go full power suit by wearing a black turtleneck and ankle boots. A neutral toned boiler suit is an elegant ready-made outfit that casually cinches your curves.

Welcome to the jungle

It’s easy to feel confident when you’re wearing animal print clothes or accessories. Part sophisticated, part sassy, luxury hubs like The RealReal are bursting with beast-inspired patterns. Take the Louis Vuitton Leopard Speedy 30, a handbag that adds some edge to the classic Louis Vuitton aesthetic. On the runway, New York-based designer Dennis Basso presented a collection of animal print sheaths, gowns, and winter coats. Then there were Adrienne Landau’s formidable tiger-striped furs and Kate Spade’s ultra-girly pink leopard frock. The zoo craze has legs. A viral Instagram account called @leopardmidiskirt collects snapshots of people rocking the titular garment. There’s a reason these prints are so popular; they exude power, but they can still party. 

Brighter greens, bolder blues

Over the summer, mustard yellow hues brought flavor to our wardrobes. But with cooler temperatures comes a new closet staple. Call it green gold or dark chartreuse. It’s deeper than yellow but still warm-toned and vivid. From Gucci’s boxy unisex suits to Uma Wang’s flowing tunics, designers are loving this peridot jewel tone. It’s an office-friendly alternative to the neon lime trend, and a welcome update to fall’s customary drab olive greens. 

Similarly, we’ll be trading in academic navy for more brilliant blue hues this autumn. Fall ’19 catwalks came alive in versatile cobalt blue. One minute it’s a sporty Li Ning quilted coat, then a luminous Tadashi Shoji velvet wrap dress. Pantone calls it “Galaxy Blue,” one of twelve colors that comprise their fall trend report. Get ready to see it everywhere this fall.

From lounge wear to outerwear

Sprezzatura is an Italian word for fashionable nonchalance. It captures the modern street style ethos–be chic, but make it look effortless. That’s where the robe coat comes in. Fall, with its fickle temperature changes, is the season of layering. Sharp blazers, stiff-shouldered pea coats and puffer jackets pop up everywhere. Why not try a softer silhouette? The easygoing robe coat borrows its shape from bathrobes. While other coats evoke soldiers and wilderness explorers, this one revels in creature comforts. 

Designer Rejina Pyo debuted luxuriously soft robe coats in shades of camel and slate. They’re trendy, but don’t expect them to disappear from your closet when the season is over. No matter what you wear underneath, the robe coat adds a dash of cozy sprezzatura.