How Many Pillows Should I Have?

How Many Pillows Should I Have?

Pillows are not just intended for decoration. They have a huge role to play in supporting your head, neck, spine and hips while you’re sleeping. Bearing in mind that you’re sleeping a third of your life, you definitely want to make sure you keep your spine aligned and supported throughout the night. Or else, you’ll wake up with pain in the neck, back pain, or who knows what else!

Whether you’re sleeping with just one pillow or a dozen, choosing the right pillow is the most critical factor. This will help you get a restful night, along with a right mattress and your sleeping spot.

After a long day at the office, when all you want to do is flip into your mattress and feel the softness of your bed linen, make sure you have the most comfortable sleeper pillow by your side. Wake up after a night’s sleep, feeling fully balanced and energized about what the next day is to offer. With a busy schedule and a full to-do list, make sure that your posture and spinal alignment are up to par, and that the pain once felt in your neck, spine, or shoulders has dramatically reduced. This can all be accomplished with one pillow.

The Freedom to Choose!

If the ultimate goal is to support your neck while sleeping and anatomically align the neck and spine bones, then it makes sense that less is more elevated. If you always feel the need to stick a second cushion under your head, then it is entirely possible that the pillow you have selected is not ideal for your type of body.

  • Choosing a pillow that keeps the neck and spine in a neutral, comfortable position will depend on many factors, including the type of one’s body and its position asleep.
  • Many types of pillows are available – memory foam pillows are popular, particularly with back sleepers, as they mould to the back of the head and neck and provide consistent support.

Others might want to try an adjustable pillow that allows people to add/remove filling until they find a thickness that allows their neck to remain neutral.

This sleeping posture is never suggested, but in the end, you’ll fall asleep and remain asleep in the most convenient place for yourself. If you happen to be a stomach sleeper, then the best option is a thin pillow (unless it’s more comfortable to go entirely without one). The less angled your neck and back are, the better for health overall.

Pillow for Side Sleepers:

Don’t get overly excited. Still, the rule applies to under your head. Putting that second pillow between your knees is best though. Putting a pillow behind your knees at night helps keep the leg on top from dragging the neck out of balance, the University of Rochester notes. Ultimately, that will ease any stress on your lower back and hips. If this is your favoured role, you should test our side sleeper choices, but the one for your knees doesn’t have to be of such high standard.

Is there something known as too many pillows?

You can’t always have too much!

Pillows are beautiful creations that render the sleep so happy and relaxed. Here are a few suggestions for making effective use of your spare pillows:

  • 4 Pillows: Use 2 for support and extras to prop up when you’re working or having breakfast in bed or Netflix binge-watching.
  • 5 + Pillows: Use 2 for yourself and 5 for your girlfriend, baby, or to make your pillow fort.

For a decent night’s sleep, a single antibacterial silver pillowcase makes all the difference. But make sure you choose the best pillow! When you wake up healthy, comfortable and ready to continue your day, you will be thankful to us for the tips.