WhaWhat is the Best Men’s Watch for Date Nights?

WhaWhat is the Best Men's Watch for Date Nights?

As a guy, you want to exude confidence, but even the most confident of men can have that confidence shaken when considering how to dress for a date night.  Whether it’s a first date, or the hundredth with your significant other, you want to look your best, and you want to wear a watch that pairs nicely with your wardrobe and activities.  This isn’t the time to wear your sports watch-after all, you don’t want anyone seeing your heart rate rising!  So what kind of watch pairs best with dinner and a movie?  Which timepiece works well with coffee and conversation?  Let’s take a look at the most popular date night watches.  

Regatta Timers

You may be most accustomed to wearing your heart rate monitoring, calorie tracking sports watch, but are those the most ideal for wearing on a date?  Not only are they usually fitted with a rubber strap, they typically don’t look anything close to classy.  Enter the regatta timer watch.  A regatta timer watch is styled and inspired by the rich history of the regatta boat races.  Both colorful and classy, these watches feature a large, round watch case, water resistance of up to 200 meters, a sleek dial with chronograph and appropriate measures for regatta racing.  This watch is sporty yet sophisticated.  Think of it as the sports watch all grow up.  

Regatta times are a type of nautical styled watch.  The bezel of a nautical watch is typically unidirectional and can actually function as an important tool for a member of a sailing team.  The high contrast markings make it easy to see.  

Diving Watches

A cousin of the regatta watch and other nautical watches, diving watches are also excellent choices for date night.  Though they can sometimes be purchased with heavy, rubberized straps, many brands offer quick-release pins on the watch case so that the watch strap can easily be changed to a date-night worthy leather strap.  These watches also feature water resistance of anywhere between 100 and 500 meters and have a watch face that is easily seen in virtually no lighting.  

Aviator Watches

The original “big watch,” the aviator has a watch case that measures in anywhere between 42-45 mm and demands to be noticed.  You may think you aren’t able to wear a large watch for date night, but it’s actually a perfect way to keep your date night accessories simplified and classy.  Wearing a large watch usually means there is little need for any other accessory, so getting dressed for your date is simple.  An aviator watch has a high contrast dial with markings that are luminous and easily seen.  Additionally, you can easily identify an aviator by its trademark ratcheted crown and triangle at 12:00.  Added bonus:  these watches are so large they are almost instant conversation starters, which can really help break the ice on a first date.  

Heritage Watches

If you consider yourself no-nonsense and minimalistic, then a heritage style watch is the correct timepiece for you for date night and beyond.  Heritage watches are simplistic in style, form, and function.  Usually outfitted with a classic, thin leather strap, these watches easily slide in and out of a dress shirt cuff, making them a great option for a date night that involves a shirt and tie.  Additionally, these watches are the ultimate in low-key accessories.  If you’re going someplace where flashy accessories would be frowned upon, this watch will accessorize and not overpower.  Alternatively, if you want to wear more of your favorite pieces, this watch is a great timepiece to pair with bands and cuffs.  

It’s easy to pick a great watch for a night out with your favorite person.  Once you narrow down where you’re going and what you’ll wear, pairing a great watch along with your style is a no-brainer.