How to Choose the Best Type of Door for a Commercial Business

How to Choose the Best Type of Door for a Commercial Business

Choosing a front door might seem like a trivial part of the process of starting your business, but don’t underestimate the importance of this decision. There are several factors to consider other than looks and design features. You also need to understand how the door enables foot traffic and provides security. The following guide will help you choose a door that is right for your business.

Consider How the Door will be Used

Before you make decisions about the size, material, appearance and functionality of the door, you will need to understand how customers will use it. One of the most important factors is where it will be placed on the property. Is it the front entrance of a large building, a side entrance or an office door in a multi-level building? Also, try to accurately estimate the amount of foot traffic that the door will need to accommodate.


A fancy automatic door can be a great asset, but it’s a moot point if it overextends your budget. Don’t be tempted to overspend on a fancy door if a simpler one will suffice, especially if you don’t expect a lot of foot traffic. You could always upgrade when your business is booming and it’s time to remodel.

Know the Types of Commercial Doors

Just like any smart customer, a business owner should do some research about the products that are available rather than committing to the first thing that seems appealing. There are many different categories of doors from which to choose. The most popular ones are:

  • Automatic doors
  • Glass doors
  • Storefront doors
  • Overhead doors
  • Steel doors
  • Fireproof doors

Steel and Aluminum Doors

Steel is a very common option when choosing doors for your business because they have a commercial look and they provide much more adequate security than wooden doors. Most steel doors contain foam on the inside, otherwise, they would be heavy for customers to open and the foam provides insulation that improves energy efficiency. Aluminum is also a popular material for commercial doors, especially for retail establishments. They offer security and durability at a lower cost than steel, they’re easier to open, and they provide greater energy efficiency.

Automatic Doors

You probably have many experiences with automatic sliding doors in grocery stores, hospitals and other high-traffic environments. Automatic doors provide convenience and they impart a sense that your business is a popular destination. Automatic doors can be implemented in a variety of ways. You could have one door that slides in a single direction or two doors that part in opposite directions. If you’re concerned about limiting traffic flow, a swinging door might be more effective.

Glass and Fiberglass

For lighting and visual appeal, many businesses install transparent doors. Fiberglass doors are very durable, which makes them a popular choice for buildings that are visited by a lot of children, and they tend to have lower maintenance and replacement costs than metal doors. For interior spaces that benefit from greater light, glass doors can provide a more upscale appearance.

Take some time to think about this decision before you commit to a choice. A little research about door materials, functionality and budget should enable you to choose a door that is just right for your business.