Understanding The Challenges You Will Encounter During A Home Renovation

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Getting your home renovated is going to be very stressful for some families, especially with children. Heading to a hotel is one thing if you are a single couple but with children, this can complicate things. Airbnb accommodations can be the best option if you need to be out of your home for an extended period. This allows for more normalcy and you are probably able to save more money when you can cook from home.

The following are challenges that you might encounter during a home renovation. 

Encountering Unforeseen Problems 

There could be a number of hidden problems that a home inspector could have missed when inspecting your home. The last thing you want are problems that compromise the foundation of the home like termite infestations. Water damage can also be a nightmare especially when leaks have caused mold to grow. Older homes are more likely to have hidden problems as new builds usually don’t have multiple layers of problems that have been done. There are even unforeseen problems that can be related to weather or natural disasters. Weather can push back deadlines depending on what is being done. Having a person that you can rely on to handle certain aspects of the project like hot tub wiring when installing a new spa area. 

The Home Not Being Livable During Parts Of The Renovation

Your home being in disrepair is going to be stressful as space could be far tighter depending on the size of the home. Even large homes can be a bit tight if they are doing massive renovations in multiple areas of the home at once. Going to an Airbnb can be an option for this period of time or staying with family is an option as well. Going on vacation might be an option if you trust the contractor and take time to store all of your valuables. You can see the progress easily with cameras in the home or the contractor can video chat you to show you. 

Issues With Contractors Hitting Important Deadlines 

There are going to be cases where contractors are delayed for one reason or another. With the pandemic, there were shortages of wood or increases in prices which meant a number of contractors could not honor their estimates. Missing deadlines is one thing, if you are getting a renovation done before the holidays, you want to put a few-week buffer in there. The last thing you want is your home to be in disrepair during the entire holiday season as contractors have employees that take time off. 

Home renovations do not always go as planned so have strategies for how to deal with certain issues. Missed deadlines can be a nightmare especially if you are cutting it close with a vacation or other big event.