How to Dry Weed

Drying weed. The final stages after growing your own marijuana using auto seeds or high yield strains. If you find yourself at the stages of drying your weed, you’ve grown a strong and healthy plant and now it is time for drying after flowering, ready to be used.

The drying stage can be an integral step in the plant’s production process, as mishandling the plant can introduce fungi growth and other cannabis plant diseases that can harm or even kill your crop.

The drying process needs to be done efficiently in order to make sure the plant dries healthily and fulfills its purpose. Failure to dry the plants properly can result in the full crop dying out and failing at the final hurdle. The plants become more susceptible to various diseases and fungi during this process as the plants’ own defenses shut down as soon as they have been cut. As if the plant’s immune system fails once cut. 

This article on drying weed step by step goes into the fine details, covering each stage of the process on how and why drying weed needs to be done properly to a certain standard in order to get the most from your plants. The article covers everything from why drying, how to dry, when drying should be done, how much weight is left after drying, drying in 5 days, and drying in an hour. 

For a lot of people who decide to grow and cut their own marijuana and develop new hybrid cannabis strains, they need to know each stage of the process from start to finish, and that includes the drying process. It comes as a surprise to some, especially first time growers. It is essential to dry the weed to evaporate any unnecessary moisture. Moisture in the plant means the plant won’t light and inevitably becomes unsmokable.

Only once dried properly will the weed become smokable. The chlorophyll must also convert to glucose before it is smoked otherwise the taste would be almost unbearable for some.

Once the chlorophyll has been converted into glucose then the weed will be smokable and much more pleasant to smoke. And lastly, the THC remains dormant within the plant until it dries properly. Drying the weed efficiently allows the THC to activate, meaning the weed will be effective in delivering a pleasant high sensation. 

Drying must be done in a dark environment. This essentially stops photosynthesis from continuing. It is also a common procedure for the plants to be dried upside down. This stops the plants from continuing to absorb any further moisture, or nutrients and minerals.

The temperature of the room is said to be around 64 fahrenheit, humidity around 40%. Ventilation and extraction is essential to allow clean air to circulate the area. The process should be expected to happen over 10-14 days and only once the buds are sticky and the fine twigs snap instead of fold, are they then ready and the drying process is complete.