Are People Moving to Florida Due to the Pandemic?

Florida definitely took a hit when the virus spread there. Many families are petrified about what will happen to their parents who live there in retirement communities. It’s very difficult to predict how Floridians will react to another spike in coronavirus. Natives like Rachel Harow are doing her best to keep socially distant from everyone in her community and ensuring her children’s safety. 

If a case of the virus was to spread to retirement communities in Florida, it would be devastating. Thousands have moved to the south for the beaches and warmer weather. With that, there are so many communities that are highly affected if there was to be another outbreak. Thousands have packed up and started to move up north in fear of what could happen. However, there are those who are willing to take the chance of getting sick because they refuse to leave their homes. Rachel Harow has debated what the right thing to do was with her husband as well. The Florida government is doing its best to ensure that citizens are safe and the virus is contained.