How To Give CBD Oil To Your Dog

Glass bottle with CBD hemp oil and medicine extracted from hemp oil, placed on a black background hemp bag CBD hemp oil concept. Alternative medicine Herbs extracted from nature, close-up image

CBD oil can be used for your dog just as it can be used for you. Dogs suffer from health complications just as we do, and CBD can be a healthy and natural treatment for them, just as it can be for us too. But there are quite a few important differences that you’ll need to be aware of before you begin. If you treat your dog with CBD oil incorrectly, the consequences could be quite negative, which is definitely not what you want. 

So this article will provide you with the information you need to decide if CBD oil is the right choice for your dog, why you would use it for them, and how to give it to them. This will enable you to feel confident that your dog will benefit.

  1. The Dose

Dogs can benefit from CBD oil because their endocannabinoid systems are just as receptive as ours, and the same functions are controlled by this system in both humans and dogs. But of course, dogs are much smaller and this means the dose of CBD given to them needs to be much smaller as well. If you get the wrong dose, you are likely going to end up giving them far too much, and that could do a lot of harm. 

However, the way to avoid this is by using a dog dosage chart, which lists the exact amounts of CBD a dog will need depending on its weight and size. This will ensure you’ll never make a mistake with dosage. You’ll begin with the starting dose. After 3 days, if symptoms have not improved, you can increase it by 0.5 milligrams each time. Eventually, you’ll find a dose that works.

  1. The Use 

CBD oil for dogs is often used to treat certain health conditions that dogs can suffer from. These are also frequent problems that humans suffer from too. Some of the major ones are reducing pain and controlling seizures, but there are also numerous other conditions that it is claimed to help with, such as inflammation and nausea.    

There are not many scientific studies on this subject, so you will have to rely mostly on anecdotal evidence. But more studies are underway, so this means that there will soon be plenty of extra research available

  1. The Method         

There are two main ways that you can provide CBD oil to your dogs, and this is by tinctures and treats. Tinctures can be dripped into their food, and treats can be given straight to your dog or placed in their food bowl. This makes it quite simple and easy to administer CBD to your dogs, and allows you to control the dose precisely, which is very important. 

  1. Conclusion

Now you’ve read this article, you will be aware of three main things. What CBD oil can do for your dog, how to ensure you give them a proper dose, and the method through which you can provide CBD to your dog. This should equip you with all the knowledge you need to purchase treats and tinctures for your dog.