Top 3 products you need in your home gym

Thinking of converting your garage or space in the house for a home gym? Look no further than our guide on the must-haves for your home gym. In this article, we explain the three top essential items everyone should have in their gym. Afterall, your home gym needs to be a space that excites and motivates you so choosing the perfect products should take some careful consideration. 

1. Bowflex dumbbells

Creating a space to challenge yourself and push your body all starts with buying the right equipment. So purchasing Bowflex dumbbells should be at the top of your list. 

As buying your own dumbbells will save you money on gym memberships and allow you to get sweaty in the comfort of your own home, choosing a good set of dumbbells is a necessity for your home gym. After all, how can you expect to see results without the right equipment?!

Bowflex adjustable dumbbells replace 15 sets of weights – impressive, right?. As a dumbbell that takes up little to no space, the weights adjust from 2 to 24 kg (5 to 52.5 lbs). With easy-to-use selection dials designed for adjusting the weights, the bowflex dumbbells are sold as a pair. 

These dumbbells are great for home gyms with limited space and allow you to easily switch from one exercise to next. Simply with the turn of a dial, you can change your resistance, enabling you to gradually increase your strength. These dumbbells make a great versatile workout for your legs, back, chest, abs, shoulders, and arms.

2. TRX suspension bands

If you’re an avid gym-goer, you’ve probably heard of the TRX, an ideal piece of suspension training equipment. Perfect for working the upper body and squatting, the TRX move system should be in everyone’s home gym. If you want to burn fat, build muscle, develop a strong core, and increase mobility, the TRX should be the next tool you have in your fitness area. 

Complete with 6 downloadable workouts, the TRX MOVE System is perfect for both beginners and those who workout at a more advanced level. TRX bands use body weight resistance to build muscle and strength. They’re suspended from a single point, usually on the ceiling or a secure bar, but the real workout begins when you start leaning away from that point and your body is forced to balance, which works your core and activates your muscles. 

3. Pulseroll vibrating foam roller

After you have completed a long, gruelling workout in your home gym, you’ll want to schedule in muscle recovery and repair time to look after your muscles and to make sure your home workouts remain effective. 

The Pulseroll vibrating foam roller is ideal for self massage, rehabilitation, and performance training in the comfort of your own home.

The scientifically proven vibration technology improves general muscle health and recovery time after consistent/hard training (DOMS) – and we’ve all felt the pain of next day DOMS! The vibration technology works by increasing blood flow and oxygen to your muscles. 

The vibrating foam roller is extremely versatile and can be used before AND after a workout. When using the foam roller before training, it can enhance performance and when used after a session, it can speed up muscle recovery significantly. Regular use over time will reduce risk of injury, illness, and can improve long-term muscle health and performance.

3 products for your home gym

Making your home gym a space to get in a gruelling workout will provide huge health and wellbeing benefits. Whether you’re a homebird or you don’t really have the option to go to the gym regularly, a home gym could be a hugely beneficial investment and save you pennies in the long run.