How to Keep Kids Active During the Winter

With the colder months approaching it may be difficult for some parents to find ways to keep their children active. It’s very controversial when it comes to keeping children active outside and also keeping the same from harm, like the coronavirus. Rachel Harow believes that since her children are inside for most of the day, they should still remain active throughout it. 

It doesn’t matter if one is in Florida or Alaska, all these activities can be done at home. If the weather is permitting, take the kids on walks, hikes, and even beaches if they are vacant enough. On the other hand, if the winter closes in and the last place anyone wants to be is outdoors there are plenty of activities to do. After finding a bit of space, have your children do indoor activities like jump roping, hopscotch, or even yoga. Goat yoga is an upcoming activity that many people have purchased. An inflatable goat is placed on the back on an individual and they must complete an action accordingly. This is a great way for kids to sweat a little and also have a blast. Mom like Rachel Harow says any exercise is beneficial, especially during winter months.