How To Pick The Right Digital Marketing Agency

Picking the right digital marketing agency is very important when it comes to the growth of your business. The wrong agency can lead you to spend thousands of dollars without seeing anything remotely resembling an uptick in sales. Unfortunately, there are plenty of agencies that promise results but all you will receive is a bill. Finding the right agency could take a few test campaigns to see if any results were actually generated. Do not settle for an agency due to being tired from look. The following are tips on how to pick the right agency to help you with digital marketing. 

Look For An All-Inclusive Agency 

Look for an agency that can handle the web design of your website and the marketing of it as well. Trying to manage multiple agencies that handle different parts of your digital marketing is not sustainable. This is especially true when the agencies have conflicting ideas of how to move forward. All parts of your digital marketing should be synchronized in order to maximize your ROI on marketing spend. Asking for results that they have garnered in various areas and with businesses similar to your own can be quite eye-opening. 

Always Do A Short Test Campaign

Never sign a contract that could span multiple years without doing a test campaign first. Most companies are willing to do a test campaign in order to show what they can offer. Others want to lock you into a contract because they do not drive results. Most of these companies claim that it takes years to drive true results when this is not remotely the case. A 3 to 6-month contract can show you whether a company can improve search engine rankings and organic traffic to the website. 

Look For Rebranding Attempts

Rebranding in digital marketing can be a nightmare due to having to build a number of links to drive search engine rankings. Most agencies do not rebrand unless they have a reason to like being penalized by Google in a very public manner. There have been a number of companies and agencies that have been penalized for using blackhat tactics These tactics can include paid links, hacking websites to get links, hidden links in the code of website, and much more. Always ask about the process that an agency goes through to deliver work as a failure to inform you could be a huge red flag. 

Get Referrals From Former Colleagues/Employees

Referrals can be a huge help as you likely have worked with someone that runs or has started their own company. Nothing is better than a personal referral as the agency you are referred to has to deliver or they could lose multiple customers. This type of referral is always the best as long as you trust the person giving you that referral. Take a look at LinkedIn to see if anyone could lead you in the right direction.

Picking the right digital marketing agency could take time but once you have found the right one, you will know it!