How to Prepare For the Canadian Citizenship Test for Success in the First Attempt?

How to Prepare For the Canadian Citizenship Test for Success in the First Attempt?

Every immigrant between 18 to 54 years must apply for a citizenship test to gain the legal status of a Canadian citizen. The test helps to determine if the applicant has sufficient knowledge about Canada and citizenship’s privileges and responsibilities. People of age 55 or more will not need to take the test when they apply for citizenship. Even minor’s below 18 will not need to take the test. 

The test contains 20 MCQs and lasts for half an hour. The applicants must acquire a minimum of 75% right answers for passing. The questions covered in the test are –

  • Canadian citizens’ rights & responsibilities
  • Canadian History
  • Canadian Physical & Political Geography
  • Canadian’s Political System
  • Some questions about the applicant’s territory

The test even evaluates the applicant’s language abilities. Immigrants residing in Canada for less than 5 years have an 84% passing rate in comparison to permanent residents residing for more than 5 years with 70%. The difference is because living in Canada for a long time gives an impression of developing a potent Canadian identity, so they ignore citizenship test preparation. Preparation for the official Canadian Citizenship Test is essential to gain success in the first attempt. You get to retry a total of three times but think about the stress and test fee that can pile up.

How to prepare for the Canadian Citizenship Test?

Take practice tests

You can prepare with Canadian citizenship practice test on If you are still wondering why take practice tests then here are the advantages.

  • You get the feel of a real exam. It is a simulated environment, where you feel the same level of pressure.
  • It helps to reduce the pre-test nervousness as you already participated in a similar version several times.
  • You gain a lot of practice and re-practice making you remember the entire syllabus and never forget the learned information during the official exam.
  • You learn to handle the time constraints, which can be challenging. You are given 30 minutes to answer 20 MCQs. Practice tests allow you to sharpen your time management skills. 

Take citizenship classes

Citizenship classes are also a great way to prepare for the Canadian Citizenship test. Generally, the classes are low-cost or free. The topics that are covered include –

  • Canadian history, geography, economics, politics, and voting rights
  • Canadian culture & symbols
  • Citizenship’s privileges and duties
  • Current events

Refer study materials

Permanent Canadian residents have excelled in the test by reading Discover Canada. It is a valuable and extensive study guide that holds information associated with Canadian history, the justice system, government, important symbols, and more. It will prepare you with the information necessary to excel in the citizenship test and draw you towards the path to transforming into a genuine Canadian citizen!

Is the Canadian Citizenship test hard to pass?

If you prepare for the test in the ways given above, it is not hard. The time you invest in reading and participating in several mock tests will allow you to pass the exam with ease. Never ignore the test preparation process even if you are familiar with Canadian history, geography, and economics. There will be something surprising, which even the native Canadians are not aware of. Better take some practice tests and seriously refer to the study material to successfully pass your citizenship test.