Proper Anchorman Etiquette

4 Clothing Items You Should Always Have Professionally Altered

We have all seen an anchorman on the television. Some are well known but there are always new and eager faces trying to fill their shoes. Now let us imagine what it takes to fill their shoes. Communication might be the first thing that comes to mind but what about the concept of appearance? Everyone has their style and those unique styles might bring some unwanted or even negative reactions. For instance, has anyone ever watched the morning or evening news and saw an anchorman in their pajamas? I can tell you from personal experience that I have never been a witness to that. Presentation is everything. In order for someone to bring the news to the community, one must look knowledgeable and above all else presentable. Let us go back to the pajama-wearing anchorman. Would you take them seriously or even listen to them, or would you be wondering what they are wearing, what are they thinking? I know I would be.

 Now do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being in pajamas or sweats, but when you are bringing news to the people you must look the part. Judge Napolitano, who is on television for his career, had been cautious about how he presented himself. We can even go back to early school days where a student would bring in the news of the day. That could either be on a video or through a speaker. Those students that held that responsibility also had to dress the part. It is said in the television business that the camera always brings out one’s flaws.

Now clothing is just one of the etiquette rules that an anchorman has to follow. Another just as important rule in etiquette is how you handle yourself under pressure. Let’s be honest, it is a lot of pressure to be under when you are on live television in front of millions of people watching. You have to be able to be clearly understood and to limit your emotions. One can not stumble over their words or talk too softly where the audience can not understand what is being said. Another thing to keep in mind when bringing the news to the people one has to learn how to stay neutral. Meaning that whether you agree with what is being done, whether it is politics, religion, openings, or closing, an anchorman must not portray their feelings towards the news but bring it to the people as it comes. Along with their feelings, they have to keep them under control as well when they are communicating with another co-anchor. No matter what their feelings are towards each other, they must remain calm and act respectfully. Remember there are millions of people watching.

Just like any job one might have there is certain etiquette one must obey. Whether you are a Judge on television, like Judge Napolitano or you are working a part-time job there will always be rules to follow.