Improving the Productivity of Your Employees with These Tips

With people returning to the office the challenge of maintaining productivity presents itself. The tough aspect of improving productivity is maintaining morale in the office. The last thing management wants is to burn the production team out and lead to high employee turnover. Finding this balance will take a trial and error period. Employee appreciation needs to go up during these stressful times. Providing lunch is a great example of something that can help destress staff in the middle of the day. The following are tips to improve productivity in the office without impacting morale negatively.

Remote Work Days

Allowing employees that hit certain numbers to work from home multiple days per week can be a huge motivator. A number of professionals would love to eliminate their commute a few times a week or completely. Employees that work remotely can come from all over the world which can potentially help save money. A living wage in San Francisco is going to be far different than a living wage in Thailand. Employee loyalty can increase as most people would never think about leaving a remote full-time position that pays well.

Healthy Vending Machine Options

The snacks that are available in the option should be via healthy vending machine options. These can include a variety of snacks and there are vending machines that can even produce high-end coffee. An employee that is able to get their caffeine fix at the office is going to be more productive than if they were extremely tired. Healthy options allow employees to avoid that lull in energy that people endure when they eat a sugary or greasy meal/snack.

Replacing Meetings with Detailed Emails

Meetings can usually be replaced with a detailed email that can easily be referenced. The last thing that you want is to stop the entire office from working for an announcement that is only relevant to a few individuals. You will find that most meetings can be cancelled unless it is some kind group brainstorming session. Checking emails should be done hourly at the maximum as this can interrupt nearly any task. Most emails are not urgent and can be handled a few hours later. Clients will call a business if they have an emergency and cannot get an immediate response.

Website Blockers

There are going to be those employees that try to do things they are not supposed to on the clock. This can include checking personal emails or even shopping online. Social media websites need to be blocked as these can assist in wasting time. Time theft is a real problem throughout the country and needs to be eradicated. With this being said, top performers that request their computers have the websites unblocked should be appeased. A top sales candidate might use social media to research individuals that they are going to be pitching.

Take the time to asses the areas you want to start improving productivity in. There is a chance that a department has their productivity optimized so it is better to leave these alone. The last thing you want to do is interfere as management that has a department running at higher levels than ever.