Stay Connected with Remote Team Building

If you have a
management team that are spread across the country, there are not likely to be
many occasions when the team are all in one location, and without some form of
team-building, it is easy for key players to lose that sense of belonging to a
group. Fortunately, there are online companies that provide team-building
activities, and what’s more, they can organise remote team-building events.

Range of
Tailored Team-Building Experiences

If your team are
all working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic and you would like to
arrange a few online team activities, here are a few examples.

  • Interactive
    Trivia Quizzes
    – These are
    great fun and with two teams, your key players can pit their wits against their
    fellow team members, which is a great way to keep the team connected. There are
    many activities for team building that the specialist offers, which means you can
    select something that you know will interest your team.
  • Virtual
    Reality 3D Bomb Diffusion

    – This a fun activity with very high stakes, as your team work frantically to
    solve the puzzles and try to diffuse the bomb before the clock stops and BOOM!
    One team member has a VR headset and they are the only player who can actually
    see the bomb, while the other players are all connected via a video conference
    platform, and as the team solve puzzles, they can guide the headset player to
    the location of the bomb. The excitement is heightened by the fact that the
    bomb has a timer fuse and from the start of the game, the clock is ticking
    away, and the team have to find and defuse the bomb in a relatively short
    period of time. Here are a few ideas on reducing stress levels in a business setting, which might prove to be invaluable.
  • Interactive
    Horse Racing
    – Your team
    will love a day at the virtual races and they can bet on the runners, and there
    are special form guides that contain cryptic clues as to the winner. If a
    player can decipher the clues, they could make a fortune. The team would
    receive their form guides in advance to give them time to study, and at the
    agreed time, everyone would login to the digital platform that allows for
    remote interaction.
  • The
    Virtual Race
    – This can be
    designed around the team’s needs, and each player will be in a race against time,
    with clues being issued at set intervals, and as you solve the clues, you move
    ahead in the race to the virtual finish line. This could be set in a jungle or
    desert terrain, as the players all have a VR headset, or you could create a
    bizarre environment and say it is an imaginary planet outside our solar system.
    Here are the latest Covid-19 updates for those who are working remotely.

If you enlist the
services of a leading team-building provider, they will handle every aspect of
the activities, leaving you and your team to enjoy the specific challenges, and
with professional guidance, every team member will benefit from virtual online