Ingenious Ways of Wrapping Up Your Christmas Gift

Christmas is fast approaching, and people are bound to buy gifts for their family, siblings, and co-workers. Since you want to give your friends a memorable surprise, you might want to consider spicing up your Christmas by giving someone close to you with a heartfelt gift. Most people will usually use holiday-themed gift wrapping, but where’s the fun in using the same old wrappings every year? It’s time to add a bit of spice and class when you wrap your gifts.

But what are some unique and ingenious ways of wrapping or surprising your friend and family? Here are different wrappings that are a guaranteed hit during the Christmas season.

Word Puzzle Wrapping

Is the person that you’re giving a gift to a bit of a bookworm? If they do love solving crossword puzzles or puzzles in general, you might want to use crossword puzzle wrapping or jigsaw-puzzle fabric. In some cases, some stores will sell personalized crossword fabric that can give the recipient a clue on what you’re getting them. It’s pretty fun!

Photo Wrapping

Got a friend that’s into photography? Photo-themed wrappings might be a great choice for friends and family members who are into traveling, photography, and the arts.

Photo gift wrappings are also a great way of bringing back nostalgic memories of times that you’ve had with your colleague. This is great for family reunions or get-together parties with previous co-workers from years ago.

Foil Wrapping 

If you really want your present to stand out from the rest of the other gifts under the Christmas tree, you might want to have a fabric that’s shinier than usual. You must choose foil that’s not too thin but also not too durable either since the person who will be unwrapping will need to tear through the fabric. Fortunately, some high-quality copper foil is great for any gift size and type of gift that you’ll be wrapping. Copper is often a great choice since it’s got a classy feel while going well with red gift wrappings.

Pixel Wrapping

There’s going to be a variety of video games and consoles that are coming out before the year ends. If you’re going to be giving a younger family member a console or a video game, you might as well get with the theme with some pixel wrappings. This is an excellent way of fitting the theme of video games.

Watercolor Wrapping

We always have that one artsy and creative family member who’s into painting, arts, and crafts. Watercolor and paint gift wrappings have always been a tried and tested way of getting their attention. You can try out your luck by painting the gifts yourself or buying pre-printed watercolor gift wrappings. The best way of saying “Merry Christmas” to someone close to you is by giving them a gift that you painted with love and effort.

Money Balloons

One of the best gifts you can give to someone is money, but the problem with giving money during Christmas or a birthday celebration is that it can be tricky. Placing money on balloons together with confetti is a great way of giving your friend or family member a surprise. $20 bills or even $100 will work well with these money balloons. Some would use helium balloons since they can be suspended in the air.

There are a variety of ways of wrapping your gifts, and there’s no be-all-end-all way of doing it. Sure, you can use your classic Christmas-themed gift wrapping, but where’s the fun in that? The bottom line? Just have a good time and enjoy the festive spirit with your family, friends, and colleagues. A part of wrapping gifts is having a good time, and you should definitely spice it up with some gift wrappings.