Interior Design Tips For An Energy Efficient Summer

Thinking of spicing up the interior design of your home to meet the seasonal shift of summer?  Let the spirit and carefree vibes of an exciting summer season be seen in the way you set up your home, and do it in such a way that you save energy in the process.    

Take some time for research, and work on building a plan for change.  Here is a brief look at some helpful suggestions that will lead your research in the right direction, and have your home oozing summer vibes before the season is through.  

Shield the areas in direct sunlight

The sunshine is one of the best parts of summer, but it can make your air conditioning systems work harder and draw more energy than is necessary to cool your home.  Shield your home in areas of direct sunlight to save on utility bills and keep your house feeling more comfortable.  

You can start from the outside to preserve the feel on the inside of your home by investing in a cooling roof coating.  Adding a rubberized roof coating to your home will preserve the condition of your roof and keep your home cooler at the same time.  

Hang sheer curtains 

Hanging sheer curtains in your windows during the summer will give the natural lighting in your home plenty of room to seep through into your spaces.  Enjoy the sunshine inside of your home, and avoid using heavy window treatments to cover windows.  

If you’re concerned about privacy in the evening, install blinds or even special window panes that transition for the time of day.  Just don’t block the windows from offering all the beauty of the sun during summer.  

Add lots of greenery to the mix

Add some lush, live, green plants to your home’s interior design to liven up your spaces in the summertime.  Fresh plants are excellent natural air filters as well, so the air in your home will smell fresher and crisp.  

Use color to catch the vibe

When you consider color in your design, think light tones for the base.  White and shades of gray are excellent foundational colors for summer.  Use bolder, brighter colors as a tool to highlight areas of your home.  A bright accent wall will add spice to your design.  

Consider bringing boho to your style

Investigate what elements of the Boho interior design style you can include inside of your home.  Boho is an older style that is on the rise once again in popular trends.  

Leather furniture, wooden accents, and vintage rugs will give you an idea of the feel of the style.  Take bits and pieces of the rich culture design style, and create your own personal touch inside your home.