Know more about Aircraft Maintenance services

Know more about Aircraft Maintenance services


An aircraft is a huge capital investment for any country. Therefore they seek to get the utmost return from this for a longer period of time. To get this major return value it is important to evaluate the aircraft at every stage of its life cycle. The evaluation could be from repairing, replacement, rectification, modifications to all kinds of compliances that could occur. 

Since aircraft as a mechanical device there are possibilities of wear and tear happening. If it is not maintained to its best it might deteriorate with age. Hence to keep it in its good condition we need to have proper maintenance services for these aircrafts when they are in theri base. Maintenance basically helps the aircrafts to sustain and be durable in the long run.  With the help of Aircraft maintenance we ensure that the aircraft performs at its best with all the safety measures. The responsibility of an aircraft maintenance company is to maintain the aircraft in a  state where it gets a certificate of release to service authorised. 

Why is aircraft maintenance necessary

Airline maintenance is the most crucial program for any airlines whether commercial or private. Regular checks on aircraft will help them stay in a serviceable condition. There is an aircraft manual that needs to be maintained before each flight to make sure there is no chance of malfunctioning  that can take place. Aircraft maintenance is the precautionary measures taken by a company to have a close inspection on the aircraft to check its ability to fly in the appropriate manner and to prevent any kind of failures in the air.

Aircraft maintenance is necessary for the following reasons:

  1. To sustain the aircraft safety and airworthiness 
  2. Aircraft should always be serviced and ready in an available mode.
  3. Aircraft components, airframe and engine should be at its maximised asset value.

The aircraft maintenance consists of three major maintenance program:

  1. Airline maintenance 
  2. Component maintenance 
  3. Structural maintenance 

What kind of maintenance check an aircraft maintenance company does ? 

An aircraft maintenance company regulates checks and examinations  that take place on all kinds of commercial and civil aircrafts to scrutinise them with the tiniest operating glitch. This inspection program is approved by airworthiness authorities like the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) in the US or EASA ( European Aviation Safety Agency). 

Following are the measures taken before an aircraft could take off for the scheduled flight:

  • Engine check
  • Minor repairing and amendments that does require de assembling 
  • Troubleshooting
  • Visual inspections for extensive failures
  • Testing if engines and propellers
  • Any component replacements if required 

It is mandatory for an aircraft to sustain airworthiness before each and every flight for the safety of the passengers and the body structure of the aircraft. There is an aircraft maintenance book that needs to be followed, checked and signed after the close inspection of aircraft. An aircraft maintenance program can never be neglected or avoided as this will enable the aircraft to be incompetent for any kind of flights until further investigation. 

Listed below are the top aircraft maintenance companies

  • Lufthansa Technik
  • Air France Industries
  • Hong kong aircraft
  • Delta tech ops
  • Turkish technic
  • MRO Holdings